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Semi Permanent Makeup - Eyebrow tattooing in Northamptonhire

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Looking for semi permanent makeup in Northamptonshire or eyebrow tattooing in Northamptonshire? Then look no further.

Helen is a practitioner providing semi permanent cosmetics in and around the Northampton, Kettering, Corby and Northamptonshire area. Including permanent tattooing of your Eyebrow, Eyeliner, Lip liner and full Lips

Please feel free to browse Helen’s web site which will give you in depth information and an insight on how semi permanent make up in Northamptonshire could change your life. Before and after pictures including eyebrow tattooing, eyeliner,lip liner and lips, who could benefit from semi permanent makeup procedures plus some of the most frequently asked questions  about cosmetic tattooing are answered for you. After all research is the key.

Once you have taken on the knowledge and the benefits of how permanent cosmetics could make a significant change to your life the next step is simple.

Just fill out the contact form and Helen will be in contact with you as soon as possible, she is here to help.

Thank you for your time browsing this web site and I hope it has been of some use to you and please recommend semi permanent make up in Northamptonshire to all your friends


Let me tell you a story, it all starts with a motorbike! I’d like to get a new bike my husband announced one day. No problem said I; as long as I can have some eyebrows! A fair deal I think?!

I’ve lived for the past 10 years with virtually no eyebrows (my youngest son counted 17 hairs on my left brow). If I’d only known what a difference having eyebrows again was going to make, I’d have done this years ago! I now have the confidence I had in my 20s; no need to walk with my head down any more or draw on eyebrows only to have them slip and slide throughout the day or pay to have my few sparse hairs tinted in the hope they will look fuller. I am in eyebrow heaven and Helen Walton is a miracle worker! If I wasn’t scared of heights I’d shout it from the rooftops.

I researched semi permanent eyebrow treatments and found Helen, after reading testimonials and researching her training and background I was confident enough to meet her for a consult. She took time to explain the process to me; no pressure, she was happy to answer my long list of questions and put my mind at rest.
I didn’t need any more time to think about the procedure, after spending some time with Helen I booked myself in and it was all systems go! On the day I have to admit I was quite nervous, after all I was going to let Helen loose on my face with a needle! Helen immediately put me at ease, chatting and taking time to answer my last minute questions ... Is it going to hurt?! Will I be OK?

After drawing the outline of my new brows and agreeing just the right combination of colours to suit my skin tone, it was time to start. I was so surprised at how pain free the procedure was! Yes, I’d read the testimonials on Helen’s website and everyone had said it wasn’t painful, but they’re hardly likely to say it hurt like hell are they?! But it really wasn’t painful! Like a bee sting to start with, it did build, but just as I was starting to think, hmm 2 hours of this, can I cope? Helen switched to the other brow and I guess applied a local anaesthetic, because when she switched back there was no pain. I chatted away and Helen did her thing.
A couple of hours later she sat me up and handed me a mirror, it was a total water into wine moment. Wow! I had eyebrows ... and what beautiful eyebrows they were too! I’m not much of a mirror gazer but I found I was checking myself out as I passed any shiny surface in the days to come!
Helen gave me a care sheet to follow, which was self explanatory. In the first few days I itched a little as I healed but within a week my brows had flaked to reveal the final product. My eyebrows were slightly paler than they were when first done, but I had been told to expect that. I had an appointment to go back to see Helen after about a month to check all had healed well etc.

I have just had that check up and have actually gone a shade darker. My brows were great and so natural looking, but I did feel I could carry off a slightly darker shade. Again Helen took time to mix just the right shade and checked it against my skin tone then worked her magic.
I know what I’m doing with the aftercare and am absolutely over the moon. If I had my time again I would have had this procedure years ago and I can’t recommend it highly enough ... if you come anywhere near me I’ll tell you all about my new eyebrows and the marvel which is Helen Walton; whether you are interested or not!
I’ll definitely be back in 12 months to have my top up; there’s no way I’m allowing these babies to fade!
So, a happy ending, my husband got his bike and I got my eyebrows; you may see us zipping around the midlands ... I’ll be sitting on the back of the bike with the biggest smile and my visor up so everyone can admire my perfect eyebrows. Huge thanks to Helen.
Paula Hart


Eyeliner testimonial

Would just like to say a big thank you to Helen for doing my eyeliner it is amazing was really worried about how it would look so happy with it really makes a huge difference so once again thank you for being patience with me x Sue Smith


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